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Welcome to The Saudi Export Development Authority

The Saudi Export Development Authority, 'SAUDI EXPORTS', is an ambitious governmental body focused in its vision on the development of KSA's non-oil exports. The Authority has launched its business in 2013, and put the human component as a major priority in order to ensure the achievement of future goals, by attracting a distinguished and highly professional team who has the ingredients of innovation and creativity to support the Authority in achieving its vision and strategic objectives which will be reflected on the Saudi economy and help in securing more diversified income resources, and pave the way for a brighter and more successful future for the forthcoming generations.

Saudi Export Development Authority is characterized by the diversity of careers and professional tracks on all functional levels, from fresh graduates to senior management positions. These career pathways were designed professionally in line with the aspirations of the distinguished individuals by giving them the opportunity to develop their potentials, and discover expertise to contribute to building their careers.

'SAUDI EXPORTS' works in a systematic manner in order to develop its staff of young Saudis in majority of pioneer specializations in the labor market, and operates according to professional strategy to empower them and qualify them in skills and leadership to fill all existing jobs and future ones; as such allowing those who are career ambitious to achieve their goals in conjunction with achieving the strategic objectives of the Authority. This will strengthen fair and equal opportunities, and reward outstanding performance in the internal work environment, in addition to stimulating the talented in the work force.

We believe that there is no ceiling for creativity, and that we could deliver and achieve the goals in record time and with high quality through our qualified national cadres. So if you're someone who has a passion for success and excellence and love of achievement, you need only to apply now.